How soon would you like to start?

Who can speak English better, Yoko or Yumi?

Jagath abused my confidence.

He accused us of wronging him.


I told her I'd think about it.


Winston bought a bag of apples and he ate a third of them in one day.

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How far did it go?

I translate into Esperanto for free.

Benjamin lumbered along like an elephant.

Stay frosty.

Wolves stalked the flock.

He gave them a lift to the town.

Spyros went guarantor for his son's car loan.

Nothing will take me away from you.

I'm a bit worried because there is a constant banging noise coming from under the bonnet of my car.

Who ordered pizza?

I've got something here I think you should see.

Fight with all your might.

I expect him to come soon.

Ross knew that what they were doing was illegal.

Many a man has predicted it.

You were there, too.

Don't try the patience of God!

Donnie has a pollen allergy.

In short, it is because the 'plan.doc' file I attached in the previous email was infected with a virus.

I have to change the batteries in the radio.

The train is bound for London.


Jayant tried to stand.

I know it's important to you.

I'm afraid we're quite full at the moment.


You have to read everything.

He wouldn't even say hi to me.

The 1990s began with the Gulf incident.

Have you ever been to Boston before?

Takayuki has a really good voice.

I'm not a fan of environmentalists.

Lars knows what's about to happen.

We all know that.

All the students applaud.

We just need to have patience.

That would not be easy.


We owe our modern life to electricity.

The unpredictability of certain events is incredible.

Are you dating him?

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There is a hut below the bridge.

It's odd.

I cast my fishing line into the sea.

I can't recall her name at the moment.

I'd like to confirm the hour of departure.


Which club do you want to join?

It's all part of their strategy.

I'll get my mother to bake us a cake.

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What time do you want me to pick you up?

He is the same famous actor who recently won an award.

It would be better if you would eat more.

Dwayne quickly made himself a sandwich.

It was close to 2:30 by the time Bea reached Seenu's house.

I'm feeling a little tired.

Tell them to be here by 2:30.

I am trying to ask my questions in French.

I'll deliver it myself.

He is a famous painter and should be treated as such.

Louie wondered what had made Frank so unhappy.


I'll never talk during class again.

It's a little complicated.

Despite being small you are of great value.


Jared was the last one into the car.

The mic is yours.

Reid was one of my better students.


I can't wait for spring to come so we can sit under the cherry trees.

My goldfish died.

Sometimes, questions rather than answers provide us with more information.

I don't agree with the theory that one should learn Latin in order to better understand English.

Let's go shopping downtown.

Sandeep went to the lake.

This is Brian Rock.


John was in such a hurry that he had no time for talking.


I can come.

You may answer.

Some companies discriminate against women who are pregnant or who say that they intend to have children.

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I'm slightly worried about you.

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The fever has abated.

Are you backing out already?

Do you have what we need?


I diced one.

You aren't well.

Let's skip class.

The bus was about to leave.

People often enter into a relationship thinking that they can change the other person.

Has this ever happened before?

She bowed deeply to me.

My brother looks a lot like me.

She's a terrible driver.


It made him happy.


She's a beauty from a distance.

That couldn't happen.

Kusum made a very big mistake, didn't he?

If your car doesn't have snow tires, you shouldn't drive on icy roads.

She tried to get a tent at the shop, but she could not find the one she wanted.


We should work for the cause of peace.

Jerald is a little odd.

The young man knows little of his own country.

I'd like to return a car.

I would like to discuss a few details.


Andre never talks about what he wants to do in the future.

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You're so impatient with me.


I looked and looked, but it wasn't there.

Grandmother looks very comfortable in that chair beside the fire.

She got married against her father's will.

The students of this school are kind.

Alain poured himself something to drink.


I might want to go with you tomorrow.

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He ordered a new bridge to be built to replace the old one.


Case appears to be in a lot of pain.

The goose honks.

The furigana is automatically generated.

Political reforms may ameliorate the living conditions of the poor.

I took my purse from the car.


He's staying at a hotel.


I felt myself lifted up.

He is the spitting image of his father.

I got my shoes wet.

We're in the same business.

Jill says she is happy as a wife, but at times you wouldn't think so.

Darrell went to unlock the door, but found that it was already unlocked.

This isn't your place.

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This novel is more interesting than the one I read last week.


Ross told Derek that he would be quitting his job and going back to Boston.

I doubt I can get her to do it.

I love sport.


I should give him a call.

Talking of dictionaries, I have benefited from various kinds.

If you're as smart as you claim you are, it won't be difficult.


Is this sentence in the present perfect or simple past?

First, remove the burrs.

Hienz didn't want to tell Deirdre anything about himself.

Do you think Margie understands?

Would you scrub my back, please.


I told you Gypsy was fast.

The girl had a long scarf around her neck.

Why would anybody come here?


I'll visit you someday.


I don't remember how I fixed it.

Where is the gate?

The roses in the garden are in flower.

I usually avoid eating meal too much.

Why wouldn't you buy me what I wanted?

I wish Les and his family all the best.

See a pin and pick it up, all the day you'll have good luck.

I can't make out why he isn't here yet.

How did you learn French?

I shouldn't have to put up with this noise.

The hard rain spoiled our hike through the woods.

Which is your mansion?

It is not what you read but how you read that matters.

A cute person will look cute no matter what they wear.

"Is he right?" "I don't think so."

I can hardly believe it.

I speak French to my staff.

He was born in a small town in Italy.

He thinks he is fit for the position.

My little brother did it, not me.

Hughes doesn't want me there.

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For one thing, I'm penniless; for another, I don't have the time.