He finished this work for himself.

How much are the grapes?

I wish we could've helped.


Much of what they wrote about never happened.


I cannot eat carrots. I don't like them.

I don't care about her anymore.

I want to pay for it now.

What do you use to pick wax out of your ears?

It's neither here nor there.

Our classroom is very small.

What are you going to say to Norbert?

Old age turns hair gray.

He did his best, but failed.

I kind of anticipated that.

I saw Eric talking to a beautiful girl.

The boy is sick, though he doesn't appear so.

Shamim wasn't at home yesterday.

We are all eager to watch the movie.

She blushed with shame.

I don't think I can apply for a job anywhere. I'm too old.

Last night an explosion took place at a fireworks factory.

Don't you understand what's at stake here?

Malaclypse always remembers us at Christmas.

I don't like needles.

Let's hope that Janice can handle that by himself.

Rules in connection with staff selection are set as follows.

The truth shall be revealed to you.


Lanny is a better person than I'll ever be.

She was there for the buses in Montgomery, the hoses in Birmingham, a bridge in Selma, and a preacher from Atlanta who told a people that "We Shall Overcome." Yes, we can.

He always remained poor.

The hamstring muscles include the biceps femoris, the semitendinosus and the semimembranosus.

"Are you feeling better?" "No, I feel worse."


I don't know why people do that.

We don't want to create any new problems.

We had to come most of the way on foot.

Do your neighbors know that your house is haunted?

No one succeeded to survive.

They have taken great pains to finish the project, I hear.

What is the best way to put an end to the war?

These desks are too small for us.

I used to smoke a lot, but I have given up smoking now.

The number of tourists has increased greatly in recent years.

The most common sports games in the world are: Soccer, Basketball, Football, Rugby, Baseball, Cricket, Ice hockey, Volleyball, Beach volleyball, Tennis, Table tennis, Golf, Boxing, Wrestling, Badminton and Bowling.

The truth knocked the breath out of him.

I won't be able to eat all that by myself.


He lost his temper.


Squirrels are quick learners.

Many common words we use today were once coined in fiction.

The frosty winter will soon come to an end.

The man, whom I didn't know at all, knew about me well.

It makes no difference to me whether he joins us or not.

There is one less.

This tooth is loose.

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Are you talking about my friend?

Clem was always so cheerful.

We'd like another bottle of wine.


American children grow up hearing those words.

No, we'll be in fighting shape in just a month or two.

Manavendra brought hers.


Last year, I sat for the Level N3 Japanese Language Proficiency Test examination.

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It is, I think, an indisputable fact that Americans are, as Americans, the most self-conscious people in the world, and the most addicted to the belief that the other nations of the earth are in a conspiracy to undervalue them.

In 1894 there were two votes of the central league. Both times the majority declined all changes. From then on, the movement grew more rapidly.

She talks as if she knew everything about it.


The square of any prime number is a semiprime.

We want to make learning effective, interesting, and fascinating.

She fidgeted, looking noticeably contrite.


I don't know what you want to say.

Saumya works for a translation agency.

They love reading.


Don't say that.

Ray is no longer a suspect.

I gave up on Wade.


I ran into Gail on the bus.

They all looked relieved.

There's something lying on the ground.

It's great to see you're having so much fun.

There is a plane above the church.

My teacher doesn't like me. She's always giving me a hard time.

Dawson went out to get lunch.


A present is winging its way over to you as I write.

Why can't I go?

There stands a beautiful church on the hill.


I want them kept away from here.

I find this book is very difficult to read.

I hope that Maria will write soon.

Nothing's wrong.

She looked at me and smiled.


How are your grandparents?


This is an extremely good deal for students or business people who travel and want a light laptop.

We've got to go warn them.

Traffic is busy here.

Someone has to help me.

Let's go and get them.

Get the captain.

Because Dion is two-faced, it's better to be careful.

Only Naoko drinks coffee.

I'd like to sit here for a while.

One million people lost their lives in the war.

What language do you speak with your parents?


You've already got a job.


She told us an interesting story.


Angela advised Floria not to drink too much.


People are people, you are you, so to compare people to one another is pointless.

I couldn't wrench him away from the screen.

I don't even know why.


I think they're all criminals.

You can sleep on that one.

I'm taking a couple of days off.

This video is boring.

He is at home in American literature.


Don't make me hurt you.

Why do you distrust me?

It seems he's still alive.

We don't get a lot of rain around here.

Marvin can't make me do that.


I've not been feeling very well lately.

The man that I met is a lawyer.

We squeezed through a hole in the fence.


Is there anything that you want to tell me?


Why didn't she help you?

My companions were all asleep.

Bob has got some bad news to tell you.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

Glad to meet you.

Since he was honest, I hired him.

The old man is sitting.

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Not knowing what to do is the biggest problem.

I'm having a relaxing talk.

Francis has three friends who are Canadian.

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I believe that consciousness is the way information feels when being processed.

Do the police have any idea who stole it?

You shouldn't judge others on how they look.

The policeman caught fleeing thief by the arm.

Do tell me what he said.

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Stop at the newsstand to buy the paper.

Can we please go home now?

I lied to them.

Clare came last.

They were burning with enthusiasm.

It is foolish that scientists tend to be pernickety.

Julian is a lot older than Sylvan.

He's three years older than my father.

Don't expect anything to happen too soon.

I don't know how much money we've got.

On a certain Friday night in November one thousand seven hundred and seventy-five, did business occasion you to travel between London and Dover by the mail?


Shari said he didn't need any more time.


Lucifer has been sedated.

The kidnappers whisked Roberta into a van and quickly drove away.

You need to be at this afternoon's meeting.

They're putting me in a difficult position.

Piet was very quiet about this.

Someone must find a way to stop inflation.

They're yours.


It's getting hard for them to make both ends meet.

I wish I was kidding.

Bob said that she would reveal all of her employer's secrets if he did not raise her wage.


Take a deep breath in and out, please.

Sofoklis is sitting in the conference room.

She first met him at a conference in Boston.

One of the two puppies running along the pram kept trying to catch the rotating left front wheel of the pram with its mouth, seemingly thinking it was a ball it could play with, and it was a miracle it did not hurt itself in the process.

Now after the death of his wife, the merchant grieved for many days as was right, but at the end of that time he began to desire to marry again and to look about him for a suitable wife.

Do you like Seinfeld?

Are you sure I can't get you anything?


I'm very sorry for your loss.